In ancient times,

Hundreds of days before the British invasion

Lived a strange race of musicians:

The Surf Rockers


No one knows who they were

Or what they were doing

But their legacy remains

Hewn into the living rock (and roll)

Of Surfhenge



Surfhenge is a Boston-based instrumental 1960s-style surf rock cover band that plays from Cape Cod to the North Shore. We are:

Steve "McGarrett" Fisher, guitar: undercover tax lawyer and resident punster

Chuck "Tuna" McHugh, drums: beach bum and part-time Southern gentleman

Sara "Striper" McCabe, bass, keys:  band agent and intrepid explorer of Cape Cod waters, dunes, and trails

We play surf classics like "Pipeline," "Apache," and "Miserlou," as well as other 1960s favorites such as "Rumble" and "Goldfinger."


If you're looking for a laidback retro beach vibe for your next event, we hope you'll get in touch. We'd love to come play for you! Just send a note to, or click here.





Tammy "Moon Doggie" McTerrier, mascot


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